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Who Wants To Attract Lots Of Social Love, Traffic, Subscribers & Sales?

You want people to see your content?  Your blog posts, products and services will all get more attention and action when you use great images!

  • Great social friendly images in your blog posts get those lovely “Likes, Pins & Shares”.
  • Attractive product images represent what you have to offer others and earn the sale.
  • Your branding is expressed with images that tell people who you are.

There’s no doubt – images are a central part of our online efforts.  Yet for many of us, the whole issue of images can be confusing!   Wouldn’t it be great to have access to a source with all the answers?

Great News: Help Is Here!

im-2-8Image Monthly is something brand new I’ve created to put every day bloggers and marketers in touch with the best web image advice, tools & resources.

Every month I see people asking questions about images they need for their website:

  • Where do I go to shop for Images?
  • How do I know if I can use a free image or not?
  • Where and how can I edit and create Images?  (What online tools are easiest?)
  • Why do my images load so slow? (And how can I fix that?)
  • What do terms like Royalty Free and Creative Commons mean?
  • Which image format should I be using?  (JPG, GIF and PNG… what does it all mean!)
  • How do I get the right image to show up on Facebook! *grr!*

I’m making it my mission to provide answers.

Keep reading and learn how a super inexpensive monthly subscription (only $9.97 per month!) can equip you to be more confident about using graphics on your site and make your content look fantastic!


We’re Operating In A VERY Visual World!

Every image we use online gives us an opportunity to say something important about who we are – we musn’t miss any opportunities!  The more attractive and attention getting your images are, the more likely they are to get clicked and shared!   Images like these: social-friendly-examples Are you using great images like these to visually represent your content?  You should be and I can point you in all the right directions.

Ready To Make Your Content Look Awesome?

Here’s an overview of the kinds of content you can look forward to as an Image Monthly subscriber.

Be Smart About Choosing the Right Fonts

You can express a lot about you and your message through your choice of font.  The toughest part is sorting through all of the thousands of options out there. I’ll be sure to share:

  • Our favorite font picks.
  • Where to find free fonts.
  • Using Google Fonts on your Blog
  • How to balance fonts… and know when you’ve used too many!

You’ll be font-tastic in no time 😉

Know How Colors Can Help You Or Hurt You

Oh so many colors to choose from but not all are web friendly. Everyone needs to know:

  • How colors influence your readers. (Did you know BLUE is the most trusted color on the internet?)
  • Why less is more when it comes to all of the colors of the rainbow.
  • Which colors play well together on screen, and which don’t.

You’ll know how to avoid making any scary mistakes!

Find Great Website Themes

WordPress themes let us change the look and feel of our websites in a flash, but how do you choose a great theme?  I definitely have my favorites to tell you about.

  • What’s fresh (& what isn’t!)
  • Which themes work best for your purpose?
  • What hidden dangers you should learn to spot inn free themes.
  • Why some Premium Themes are worth every penny.

You’ll feel more confident next time you decide to go looking for a new theme.

Discover How Plugins Can Make You Look Great

There are some really amazing WordPress Plugins that help you present your content in appealing ways.  You can’t beat them for saving time and solving quirky problems. Just a few examples:

  • Plugins that help you find & place images.
  • Plugins that help your mailing list look more attractive.
  • Plugins that format your recipes beautifully.
  • Plugins that make your content easy to share.

I’ll provide reviews to help you make the wisest choices.

Learn DIY Image Tips

Believe it or not, even people with zero graphic experience can become adept at it. I’ll be hooking you up with basic image development advice, like:

  • What to do when you need an image but can’t find one?
  • Tricks for tweaking images to fit your needs.
  • Surprising ways to create your own images hiding on your computer right now.
  • Tips for taking better pictures with your Smart Phone/Tablets.

I’m going to spark your hidden DIY creativity!

Examples, Examples, Examples!

When it comes to images, we all learn best when we can SEE what works for others, so I’ll PACK each edition with lots of real life examples of what’s hot (and working!).  I just might show you a few ‘stinkers’ to learn from as well.

Discover Something New In Every Issue!

Whether you’re a new publisher or have years of web experience, we believe you’re going to love getting every issue of Image Monthly.  I promise to never waste your time, there’ll be no fluff or filler. Every page will deliver a valuable asset, something you can take in quickly and put into speedy action.  Peeks:



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P.S. People are always asking me where I find my images or who made them for me.  They’re often surprised when I tell them ‘Me’.   I actually got my start online in 2002 as a web & graphic designer and only recently ‘retired myself’ from building sites and creating graphics for others.  I’ve always been driven by visuals and still love the opportunity to be creative with the images I need for my online business.

Would you like to see more examples of my work?


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